Hide and Seek

by Bijou  



goku: hey vegeta, let´s play hide and seek, okay? i´ll seek you first!

vegeta: ( thinks ) ya. sure.  before you´ll find me kakarot, enma becomes miss other world.

goku: yeah!

Goku: one muten roshi, two muten roshi, three muten, four muten roshi... errh...

fifthy muten roshi!

Pool: hey Goku,erh... what are you doing here?

vegeta: Pool, you fuzzyheaded furball! I told you to stay transformed!

Pool: but...i only can do that, for an half and an hour.

oh, you tricked me ...and i don´t wanted to do that, anyway.


vegeta: *gets scary*

vegeta: *SOBS* ( by the way dressed as piccolo. could have been such a perfect plan  ^^ )

wormy: *slymes away as fast as it can*

Goku: GOT YOU! Now it´s your turn. i hide, you seek.

Enma: new Miss Otherworld

Yama: sexy, very sexy.




























































































































































































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